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Consultingcentre is a professional service firm for those seeking a global consultancy service whose consultants provide competence, professionalism and constant presence.


We work through 3 business lines, 2 outsourcing areas and 3 specific departments.

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the sectors of activity

Consultingcentre provides expert assistance and professional support in tax, legal, financial and advisory services to SMEs, groups, and branches of international groups with particular regard to the following sectors:

  • energy, oil and gas;
  • real estate and engineering;
  • web and ICT;
  • banking and insurance;
  • sports, TV and entertainment;
  • fashion and luxury;
  • automotive;
  • healthcare and chemical.

Consultingcentre also provides tax, legal and financial assistance to individual taxpayers and families (family office) as part of a better organization and optimization of their assets (equity investments, securities and real estate), with a special focus on generational handover and business continuity.

Consultingcentre also assists sports professionals, and others engaged in the sports and entertainment market, in the tax and legal fields, with a special focus on the signing of contracts, international tax matters, and the safeguarding of image rights.

Areas of activity

Consultingcentre provides professional services through 3 business lines (tax, legal, finance), 2 outsourcing areas (accounting, payroll) and 3 specific departments (Sports Department, Wealth Department, Startech Department).
Our professionals are involved through a matrix of procedures. By operating vertically on each line of business, and horizontally in the two outsourcing areas and using the specific departments, this matrix develops the best way to use resources on each project.